Kogeinu - M.S.S.Planet
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M.S.S.Planet を唱ってみた(†漆黒のコゲ犬†)
★Lyrics: M.S.S Project
★Composition: FB777
★Arrangement & Guitar: KIKKUN-MK-Ⅱ
★Illustrations & Animation: 作成 ぼうし屋

Paprika - Parade
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You can not write the word “ignorance”. The future is on sale.

Push aside and laugh at the karmic tale saying it’s superstition.
Jack - 或る吸血鬼の物語
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Aru Kyuuketsuki no Monogatari (The story of a certain vampire) - Jack

This is from Jack’s album, ramillete, which has all the songs he and SunaP did for the Kindan Vampire series plus two other songs. This is one of those two tracks. 

I think you can consider this as the prequel song for the series? :D 

GUMI - カムパネルラ (Campanella)
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りぶ - 人生は吠える
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羽多野渉 - Hikari (Unplugged)
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Hikari (Unplugged) - 羽多野渉

96猫 - 告白ライバル宣言
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Paperblossom - Blumenkranz (:[nZk] ver)
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Okay but listen to this beautiful cover of Blumenkranz sung by a native german speaker. (x)

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - ゆめのはじまりんりん
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[Official Audio] Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Yume No Hajima Ring Ring

Digital version of single is avaliable now. The physical release is avaliable in 2/26.

KK - Ikanaide
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